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The COOL CAMP MINISTRY of the Seventh-day Adventist Church offers children of all backgrounds the opportunity to positively interact with their community and the local church and become friends with Jesus for eternity. COOL CAMP provides a great environment for the study of God’s Word and creation. Campers form healthy relationships and experience wholesome recreational activities. 

What's Cool Camp?

Cool Camp was created as a fun and exciting summer adventure for kids in Perry County and beyond. Every year, we dive into God's word through crafts, singing, games, and swimming. 

Why Cool Camp?

We take this week as an opportunity to escape the business of the world around us to truly experience and share God's plan for the kids in the community and the Cool Camp volunteers!


Our Goal

It's our hope that your family will become part of ours, so that we can not only be friends here each year at summer camp, or each week at church, but that we can be part of a heavenly friendship that lasts for eternity! Come and explore with us this year!


8:30 AM - Registration and Drop Off at PCRA Campground

9:00 AM - Welcome & Song Service

9:45 AM - Story Time

10:15 AM - Snacks

10:45 AM - Games/Crafts (Ages 6-9)

11:30 AM - Games/Crafts (Ages 9-12)

12:15 PM - Lunch Time

12:45 PM - Change for Swimming

1:15 PM - Swimming

4:00 PM - Pickup at PCRA Campground

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